MSc in Business Analytics and Big Data

Nowadays, computers are essential in businesses for management of vital information. With every single use of technology, a new record containing information related to a certain activity can potentially be tracked. Therefore, it is easy to imagine the huge amount of data available for businesses that could be analysed in order to learn as much as possible from it and improve elements such as cost-related procedures, customers’ assessment or global human health.

With this master degree, the students will be able to identify how to address and solve real-life problems based on data, and how to make use of statistical analysis, including explanatory and predictive modelling, and fact-based management to drive decision making. As well as modern business concepts, students will gain highly relevant IT skills that are of crucial importance for professional success in today's society, developing their analytical, creative and critical thinking.

All methodologies, concepts, frameworks and technologies that we provide students with are academically relevant and have been tried and tested by professionals in the business world. We apply newly acquired practices through engaged and interactive hand-on training in real-world technologies.

Key Disciplines Covered:

Business Analytics

Business & Marketing Intelligence

Big Data

Industry 4.0

Machine Learning

Data Warehousing & Data-Base Management

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    Business Management

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  • Duration

    2 Years and 0 Months

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    Full-Time Learning

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    Business Management

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