Computer Engineering

The Master’s programme in Computer Engineering at Vistula University is your opportunity to gain expert knowledge and start a career in the IT sector. If you choose this programme, you will discover the applications of advanced wireless technologies in organisations, and learn how to design mobile applications for various companies and their products. In addition, graduating with a Master’s degree will open the doors to managerial positions in the industry.

This programme is ideal for all STEM graduates, who would like to expand their knowledge of computer engineering, and gain new skills.

The Master’s programme will teach you optimisation and the R language. You will learn how to use the knowledge of algorithms, applicable to problems in wireless network and mobile device software design. You will gain new competencies related to profitability assessment and project management.Thanks to Microsoft’s DreamSpark, Oracle’s OAI and CISCO’s Local Academy education programmes, you will become adept at applying theoretical knowledge to real-world problems. As a Master of Computer Engineering, you will also boast the mastery of design and development tools.

If you want to apply for the Computer Engineering Master’s programme, you must be a holder of a BS diploma (in computer engineering or related fields, e.g. telecommunications or electronics). You will be asked to present this diploma.


The Faculty of  Engineering ( Institute of Computer Science ) organizes monthly cyclical meetings – Scientific Seminars, where there is an opportunity to hear and actively participating in cooperation of research in the field of computer science and its applications in some other fields.

Konwersatorium – spis – download

The 27th workshop on Concurrency, Specification, and Programming 2018 (CS&P’18) deals with formal specification of concurrent and parallel systems, mathematical models for describing such systems, and programming and verification concepts for their implementation.

From  our Faculty of Engineering Prof. Ludwik Czaja, Prof. Dmitry Zaitsev, dr Soma Dutta, mgr Edip Senyurek are members of the Program Committee of the international conference CS&P’2018 (in Berlin)

Topics of the workshop include, but are not limited to:

  • Mathematical models of concurrency
  • Formal specification languages
  • Theory of programming
  • Model checking and testing
  • Multi-agent systems
  • Rough sets
  • Verification
  • Formal aspects of knowledge management
  • Knowledge discovery and data mining
  • Soft computing
  • Applications, e.g. in Robotics
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    Polish, English

  • Duration

    1 Years and 6 Months

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    Full-Time Learning

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