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Our mission and vision


The mission of Vistula University is to prepare our graduates for their future career the best way possible, by constantly modernising the study technology, and adapting study programs to the changing world.



Vistula sets itself a strategic goal of gaining the position of a university that best reads the challenges of the future. We want to be the first-choice university for those who have the ambition to acquire knowledge and conquer the world. We have a vision to be the leader among the best Polish private universities, highly rated by students and employers, recognized internationally, perceived as a valued scientific research centre that is at the forefront in selected areas of education and research.

Vistula University

Address Stok?osy 3, 02-787 Warszawa, Poland
Phone tel. (+48 22) 45 72 300 fax. (+48 22) 45 72 303